10 Best Easter Eggs In The Animal Crossing Games

10 Best Easter Eggs In The Animal Crossing Games

There are a lot of cool references in the Animal Crossing games. Here are some of the best Easter Eggs you can find in the AC games.

The Animal Crossing games might be some of the most well-known and popular games Nintendo has ever made. This could be because the games have soothing music and easy-going gameplay, and the older games bring back memories for people who played them as kids.

The first Animal Crossing game, just called Animal Crossing, came out in 2001 in Japan. There have been many spin-offs, but City Folk, which came out for the Wii in 2008, Wild World. Which came out for the Nintendo DS in 2005, and New Leaf, which came out for the Nintendo DS in 2012. There have been Easter eggs and subtle references to other Nintendo games in all of the games.

New Horizons Alien Broadcast

Aliens were a fun and memorable part of the 2012 game Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which was a big hit. When playing New Leaf on Sundays or Mondays at exactly 3:33 a.m., a strange alien broadcast with static and UFOs would play on the TV. This was an interesting addition to the game and may have hinted. That something strange is going on in the Animal Crossing Universe. But this wasn’t the first hint in the Animal Crossing Games about aliens. The first idea came from a game called Wild World from 2005. In which players could use a slingshot to shoot a UFO out of the sky. This feature was also in the game City Folk, which came out in 2008.

This fun feature was taken out of the games that came after New Leaf and couldn’t be found anywhere. It looked like Nintendo had forgotten about this weird Easter egg in the series until March 2020, when Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out. This strange broadcast came back to the franchise all of a sudden, just like the strange 3:33 a.m. broadcasts from New Leaf. This could have been a nod to the older games or a hint at something else in the Animal Crossing games.

Splatoon References In New Horizons

A lot of references to the Splatoon games can be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These references to other games are hidden in the dialogue. But once players start to notice them, they become more and more obvious. Players can find references to Splatoon when they catch a squid in the game.

When a player character catches a squid, they will either say, “I caught a squid, it’s off the hook!” or “I caught a squid, I had a feeling I would!” Obviously talking about the squids in the game Splatoon. Blathers may also talk about the game when he gives money to the museum by saying, “How would we settle disagreements?” Maybe some kind of race to see who can squirt the most ink?’ This is a clear reference to the ink-based fighting in the Splatoon games.

The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina

When gamers see or hear an ocarina, they almost always think of the famous Zelda game The Ocarina of Time. Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you make an ocarina that looks a lot like the one in the Nintendo 64 game. This is a clear nod to the other Nintendo game series.

The cute ocarina can be made in the game, and players can use it like a tool. When the A button is pressed, the ocarina makes notes that players can enjoy. Nook’s Cranny sells a book called DIY for Beginners that has the recipe for the ocarina. This will give players the recipe. After that, all they need to make the instrument is five pieces of clay and a DIY bench.

Tokata’s Song

Tokata’s song is a short tune that is used as an Easter egg in a number of Mario and Zelda games as well as a number of Animal Crossing games. The simple 8-bar tune was first used in a Nintendo game called X, which came out in 1990 for the Game Boy. Tokatas Song was added to Animal Crossing for the first time in Wild World, where players can ask KK Slider to sing it.

The tune is almost like a trademark for Nintendo sound designer Kazumi Tokata. Who has used it in most of the games he has worked on. Tokatas Song can be heard in a surprising number of Nintendo games. Eeven if it’s just a small jingle or the main song, like in Animal Crossing.

The Hylian Loach In The Original Animal Crossing

There are references to other Nintendo classics in the first Animal Crossing game. When players go fishing in the game, they can catch a variety of fish. For example, if they catch a roach, their character will say, “I caught a loach!” You don’t suppose it’s Hylian do you?’

This is a reference to the Hyrule Loach from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which players could catch. Fans of Nintendo knew that this fish was very hard to catch. Which may be why the famous fish made it into Animal Crossing.

Nintendo Console References In New Horizons

After cars and other vehicles were added to the game as objects. Players didn’t have to look long to find the Easter egg Nintendo had put in. When a player puts one of the cars in the game on their island and looks closely at the license plate, they can see references to other Nintendo consoles.

For instance, the Luxury Car in the game has a license plate that says “N6J 0914.” This is a reference to the fact that the Game Cube came out on September 14, 2001. This registration number 0914 points to the date that another famous Nintendo Console came out. Other cars have numbers that stand for other consoles, like the well-known N64.

Kiki The Cat Villager

KiKi is a villager who has been in the game since the first one came out in 2001. She has been in every game in the series since then. The villager is a reference to the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. Which came out in 1991 and was made by Studio Ghibli.

This is clear from the way she looks, which was clearly based on Jiji, Kiki’s cat. Who is the main character in the movie. In a small way, her name is also a joke. Kiki means caviar in Japanese, which is a reference to the fact that cats love to snack on fish.

Two Days Ago

The song Two Days Ago by K.K. Slider is full of references. The first one is the cover for the song in the game. It looks a lot like The Beatles’ album With The Beatles. A lot of the album covers in the game look a lot like real-life album covers.

The name of the song is also a reference to The Beatles’ song Yesterday. Since it is called “Two Days Ago” instead of “Yesterday,” which means “one day ago.” Lastly, the song has some melodies in common with other songs by the famous band, such as “I Am the Walrus” and “Let It Be.”

Super Sentai Reference

The famous Power Rangers TV show got its start in Japan, where it was called Super Sentai. Nintendo and Animal Crossing are known for putting references to Japanese pop culture in the games’ items and furniture. In this case, though, it was the villagers who talked about this popular show.

Kid Cat, Agent S, Big Top, and Rocket, who live in the village, are seen wearing the colors and numbers of the Power Rangers. This shows that they are also on a team.

Villager Names

There are a lot of references and jokes in the names of the hundreds of villagers in Happy Wheels game. Some of the most common are jokes about food and jokes about the villagers’ species. Some of the villagers have more morbid names, like Angus the cow, Elmer the horse, and Rasher the pig. Their names come from what their animal is used for in real life.

Some less morbid examples are Fauna the fawn, Emilia the bird, which is a reference to Emilia Airheart. And Hamphrey the hamster, which is a play on the name Humphry and the word hamster. By finding all the villagers in the game, players can find a huge number of Easter eggs, references, and jokes. In the Animal Crossing series, there are a lot of Easter eggs to find chicago SEO company. And people can’t wait to see what else they can find.

On the Nintendo Switch, you can now play Animal Crossing: New Horizons.