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Hello dear authors, if you are the one who loves writing, then congrats, you hit the right page.

Our web portal, “SBOINDONESIA”, is now open for all the writers for guest posting, irrespective of their content category.

We are a growing news covering website that provides information worldwide. We are looking for passionate content writers who can share their best write-ups with our readers.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have; our team welcomes all writers regardless of their backgrounds. What only matters for us is quality and knowledgeable content.

To publish your article on our website, you must follow certain guidelines.

Who are we, and what type of content do we publish?

SBOINDONESIA is a growing news portal where we publish articles covering several categories and trending news.

In our organization, we promote user-friendly content that follows search engine guidelines. 

You need to write knowledgeable content that covers all relevant and useful information regarding the content’s subject so that users do not feel compelled to consume the same content elsewhere.

We have also made certain guidelines to ensure regularity of quality content which you will find after some paras, do read them carefully to avoid any misunderstanding.

Our content categories: 

Earlier, people used to be unaware and unaffected about worldwide happening due to a lack of information sources that could reach out mass rapidly.

In contrast, today’s world has become connected due to socialization with the internet. Now we can see the world as a single territory because what happens in one part of the world also affects the rest of the world.

That’s why we choose to operate as a general blog instead of a category-specific. 

Publishing content in multiple categories is necessary to reach a wide range of audiences.

It is now clear to you why we publish content under numerous categories.

Here is the list of our primary categories in which we are always keen to publish content frequently:

  • News
  • Technology
  • Social media trends
  • Business
  • Personal Finance
  • Fashion
  • Entertainment
  • Reviews
  • Current affairs
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Lifestyle

The list doesn’t end here, these were primary categories, but we also cover other categories as well, except sexual and illegal content.

General guidelines:

There are some general guidelines which every writer needs to follow, irrespective of content category, to get their article published in our portal:

Write grammatically correct content: 

Grammar is the most important part of any language because it gives meaning to words and decides their context. It is always necessary to write grammatically correct content to make people understand.

Many times, it has been seen that readers misunderstood content because of these language errors.

However, using tools like Grammarly, made it very easy to identify and correct language errors.

These tools highlight your language mistakes and also suggest corrective actions. If you want to use them extensively, you would be required to get a paid subscription.

One can also use an inbuilt MS Word and Google Doc language checker for ease.

Take care of SEO guidelines: 

Following SEO guidelines have become a must for content writers; now, only quality content won’t work because the search engine will not push it unless we follow their guidelines. We have to deliver search engine-friendly content to rank higher on search results.

However, plenty of guidelines exist, and they keep changing. Still, guest writers need to take care of only certain specific ones related to the content.

You must keep yourself updated about search engine guidelines and write according to them.

If you don’t know about them, don’t worry; follow our guidelines mentioned on this write for us page. It has the crux of how SEO-friendly content should be prepared.

Submit original and plagiarism-free content:

Originality is something every organization needs to stand out in the market. Today internet is flooded with content. The pandemic made people aware of the true power of the internet, especially social media.

As massive content has been generated nowadays by today’s generation, one thing that will standout our content is its uniqueness.

However, we all know providing original content every time isn’t easy. Still, one can take inspiration from others’ work to get an idea about how it should be prepared.

After writing an original piece of content, you must check its plagiarism using effective tools.

If your content hits plagiarism, then make it unique by writing that portion again. Your will content will be rejected if found plagiarised.

Add feature image:

Visuals are a great way to express anything; sometimes, one frame equals thousands of words, even more. We can often understand any complex topic through images more easily than by describing them in words.

You have to carefully add images in your blogs/articles, as it can confuse readers if the image doesn’t suit your content.

Nevertheless, one image is mandatory; writers are required to attach one feature image to each article/blog. Also, it is recommended that you should add a separate image for each sub-topic covered in your write-up.

Images shall be copyright free to avoid any issues.

Word limits and external linking:

We generally don’t publish content shorter than 1000 words, which can be as lengthy as 3000 words. However, these limits aren’t boundaries for quality content; we can adjust them per content’s requirement.

Regarding external linking, we allow guest writers to add a maximum of two do-follow links in one article. One can hyperlink them with the article’s text or add them to the bio.

How to submit a guest post?

The process of guest post submission is quite simple on our website. You would require to send us an email attaching your write-up, it should be in word format, or you can share a google document link.

While sending the email, don’t forget to write the email subject properly for precise identification.

Email id: info@sboindonesia.net